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SEAoWP exists to further the advancement of Structural Engineering in Western Pennsylvania, providing a unified voice for Structural Engineers across the region. Our organization is a chapter of the Structural Engineers Association of Pennsylvania (SEAoP), an outgrowth of the Delaware Valley Association of Structural Engineers, DVASE.

DVASE established the first Structural Engineers of Pennsylvania chapter representing the Southeastern/Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania State University established the first Student Chapter by joining SEAoP in 2011.

SEAoWP, like SEAoP, is a Member Organization of the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations, NCSEA. NCSEA was established in 1993 to "advance the practice of structural engineering" throughout the United States, and to be the "leading advocate for the practice of structural engineering" nationwide.

SEAoWP takes upon itself to continue the visionary purpose of the NCSEA. It is through the experience, knowledge and prowess of our professionals  that we strive to continually improve upon our industry and its professionals' capabilities within our region.